IT Support As a Career

IT support refers to various services which entities offer to users of information technology products or services, usually concerning technical issues. In layman's terms, IT support typically offers guidance regarding certain problems with a computer software product, hardware, or a service, and not providing technical support in the form of modification, provision, training services. Most of the time, IT support is provided by computer hardware or software vendors who have become experts in their specific field of expertise. They may also come as consultants who will do most of the advising and conducting of classes. Some IT support companies provide IT support services to corporations and companies as well. IT support staff may include licensed practical drivers, licensed systems managers, network security management staff, computer troubleshooting technicians, and support personnel who are specialized in their field of expertise. IT support staff may also be called upon to perform tests, install upgrades, troubleshoot hardware and software, resolve vulnerabilities, and provide assistance with training IT professionals. The Phoenix IT Support staff may also be called upon to provide consulting services to other departments of a company, depending on the specific requirements.

The IT support work experience may vary according to the level of the job. A person with a bachelor's degree in computer science and an associate's degree in computer information technology may work as a hardware support technician. If he has more hands-on experience in the field, he may apply as a circuitry technician. He will be responsible for repairing, diagnosing, maintaining, and replacing network hardware including routers, switches, integrated circuit devices, modems, cable, and wireless network hardware. To be eligible for a circuitry technician position, a person must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in information technology or an equivalent program and have at least three years of relevant work experience. One of the main reasons why people seek IT support staff is to resolve technical issues that occur as a result of user error, software malfunction, or hardware failure. IT support staff can be called upon to resolve different types of glitches ranging from minor to major problems. These technicians are also required to assist customers who have technical issues with their computers, email, faxes, servers, network installation and maintenance, software, hardware, and peripherals. The work of IT support staff can either be located in the office or at a customer's residence.

People seeking the Phoenix IT Support staff must first apply for a job at a company or a computer repair shop. After a resume is submitted along with relevant working experience, a job interview will be conducted. Candidates who have a positive customer base and a history of successful IT support work will be more likely to be selected for a regular position. During an interview, the candidate must be able to properly answer technical questions to improve his or her knowledge of computer systems and technical issues. IT support can be performed in different environments and departments within a company. There are different levels of IT support depending on how complicated a problem is or how complicated an issue is supposed to be. The first level of support is called a tier-one IT support team that includes people like help desk staff, troubleshooters, and technical analysts. In most cases, this team will be comprised of people who speak English as a first language. At tier-one IT support levels, the biggest IT support task will be handling simple everyday technical issues such as virus removal, security updates, software upgrades, application updates, network maintenance, and so forth. More complex issues will be handled by tier-two IT support teams.

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